descriptionMinimal webserver
ownerEmil Mikulic
last changeMon, 10 Dec 2018 13:42:52 +0000 (00:42 +1100)
2018-12-10 Emil MikulicAdd benchmark. master
2018-12-10 Emil MikulicAdd test for --timeout.
2018-12-10 Emil MikulicAdd --timeout cmdline option.
2018-12-10 Emil Mikulicrun-tests: try to use the default gcc and clang.
2018-12-10 Emil Mikulicrun-tests: don't mix msan with ubsan.
2018-12-10 Emil MikulicClean more.
2018-12-10 Emil MikulicBump copyright year.
2018-12-10 Emil Mikulicopen_sockets: finer grained timing.
2018-12-10 Emil MikulicIn debug mode: time how long select() takes.
2018-12-10 Emil MikulicFix timeouts to close connections.
2018-12-09 Emil MikulicAdd helper script for opening sockets until they run...
2018-12-09 Emil MikulicIf accept() fails, don't exit.
2018-12-09 Emil MikulicSwitch make_safe_url() to more efficient implementation.
2018-12-09 Emil MikulicAdd make_safe_url_new()
2018-12-09 Emil MikulicAdd LLVM fuzzer.
2018-12-09 Emil MikulicBounds check first.
15 months ago master