Be explicit if the binary was built without IPV6 support.
[darkhttpd] / devel /
2016-01-13 Emil MikulicCatch up to clang changes.
2016-01-13 Emil MikulicMerge branches with UTF-8 changes.
2016-01-10 Emil MikulicIndent, add dir, allow inconclusive.
2015-05-19 Emil MikulicEscape URLs according to RFC3986.
2015-05-19 Emil MikulicAdd --default-mimetype flag.
2015-05-19 Emil MikulicAdd test for --no-listing.
2015-01-01 Emil MikulicTest keepalive.
2015-01-01 Emil MikulicAdd TestHelper.get()
2015-01-01 Emil MikulicTest for unreadable directory (can't generate listing).
2015-01-01 Emil MikulicTest resize in appendl().
2015-01-01 Emil MikulicTest 404 and 403.
2015-01-01 Emil MikulicTest CRLF handling in read_line().
2015-01-01 Emil MikulicWhen testing, build with -DDEBUG.
2015-01-01 Emil MikulicAdd a harness for fuzzing make_safe_uri()
2015-01-01 Emil Mikuliccp test_make_safe_uri.c fuzz_make_safe_uri.c
2014-05-26 Emil MikulicAdd test for urldecode()
2014-05-26 Emil Mikuliccppcheck: use --force to check all #ifdef configurations.
2014-05-26 Emil MikulicRemove query params.
2014-03-14 Emil MikulicMark cppcheck executable.
2014-03-14 Emil MikulicRun test_make_safe_uri. Retire broken
2014-03-14 Emil MikulicImplement --forward-all to forward all requests to...
2014-03-14 Emil MikulicAdd script to run cppcheck.
2013-06-10 Emil MikulicAdd test for --mimetypes
2013-06-10 Emil MikulicAdd test to exercise memove() in make_safe_url()
2013-06-10 Emil MikulicTests: add pointer to cover script which runs them.
2013-04-28 Emil MikulicImplement --no-server-id
2013-04-28 Emil MikulicAdd test for --forward
2013-04-28 Emil MikulicMake devel/cover clean up after itself.
2013-04-28 Emil MikulicFix warnings found by clang r180088.
2013-04-28 Emil MikulicClean up and improve the devel/ scripts.
2013-04-28 Emil MikulicTest large (>2G, >4G) files.
2013-04-28 Emil MikulicRun usage, not really a test.
2013-04-28 Emil MikulicCheck dependencies in devel/cover
2013-04-28 Emil MikulicSingle byte corner cases.
2013-04-28 Emil MikulicTest directory redirect.
2013-04-28 Emil MikulicStill more range test fiddling.
2013-04-28 Emil MikulicAdd test for backwards range.
2013-04-28 Emil MikulicPassing bad-end range test.
2013-04-28 Emil MikulicTest range requests, including one failing test.
2013-04-28 Emil MikulicFailing test for If-Modified-Since
2013-04-28 Emil MikulicTest for HEAD method.
2013-04-28 Emil MikulicImplement straightforward GET test.
2013-04-28 Emil MikulicUse setUp and tearDown to manage test file.
2013-04-28 Emil MikulicRe-arrange tests, no functional change.
2013-04-28 Emil MikulicOops, wrong kind of line ending.
2013-04-28 Emil MikulicTest URL escaping in directory listing.
2013-04-28 Emil MikulicDon't log to stdout when testing.
2013-04-28 Emil Mikulicuri -> url
2013-04-28 Emil MikulicFix include path.
2013-04-28 Emil MikulicPrint more quotes.
2013-04-28 Emil MikulicAllow running of individual tests from cmdline.
2013-04-28 Emil MikulicMake devel/ shorter.
2013-04-28 Emil MikulicMake devel/ less repetitive.
2013-04-28 Emil MikulicAdd coverage driver.
2013-04-28 Emil MikulicMore tests.
2013-04-28 Emil MikulicWorking on unit tests.
2013-04-28 Emil MikulicFor developers: script to run through clang static...
2013-04-28 Emil MikulicAnother developer script - clang with warnings.
2013-04-28 Emil MikulicFor developers - build with lots of warnings.
2013-04-28 Emil MikulicMove trunk/ into base dir, move tests into devel/.