2014-12-27 Emil MikulicUse labs(long).
2014-12-07 Emil MikulicFix use-after-free in http_stop().
2014-12-07 Emil MikulicCorrectly show "last seen: never" on the host details...
2014-12-07 Emil MikulicFix "clock error" due to machine reboot.
2014-12-07 Emil MikulicIndent, no functional change.
2014-12-07 Emil MikulicUpdate export-format.txt to match hosts_db.c
2014-12-07 Emil MikulicWebsite URL: http -> https
2014-12-07 Emil MikulicAdd README.git notes.
2014-12-07 Emil MikulicTurn two unreachable statements into errx().
2014-12-07 Emil MikulicExit (instead of busy-loop) when the interface goes...
2014-03-14 Emil MikulicUpdate COPYING.GPL
2014-01-25 Emil MikulicUpdate ChangeLog for 3.0.718. 3.0.718
2014-01-25 Emil MikulicBump copyright years.
2014-01-25 Jürgen Kahrs... contrib/darkstat_export converts the binary export...
2014-01-25 Emil MikulicDon't chroot() by default.
2014-01-25 Emil MikulicHint on how to view the manpage.
2014-01-25 Emil MikulicMake base url optional.
2014-01-25 Emil MikulicBring back the --base functionality.
2014-01-25 Emil MikulicUse llu.
2014-01-25 Emil MikulicAdd explicit warning about blank graphs due to no localips.
2014-01-25 Emil Mikulicxasprintf() size_t as %qu with cast.
2014-01-25 Emil MikulicDon't die from assert() in timer_stop() if time goes...
2014-01-25 Emil MikulicMake timer around pcap_dispatch() tighter.
2014-01-25 Emil Mikulicmake depend
2014-01-25 Emil MikulicFix more clang warnings.
2014-01-25 Emil MikulicAdd assert() to soothe Clang static analyzer.
2014-01-25 Emil MikulicFix memory leak.
2014-01-25 Emil MikulicAdd assert()s to tree.h to soothe Clang static analyzer.
2014-01-25 Emil MikulicFix some clang warnings.
2014-01-25 Emil MikulicAdd header sentinel to str.h
2014-01-25 Emil MikulicQuiet format string warnings in graph_db.
2014-01-25 Emil MikulicFix type errors in format strings in hosts_db and use...
2014-01-25 Emil MikulicDefine qu and llu in str.h and _Static_assert that...
2014-01-25 Emil MikulicExplicitly initialize last_real time.
2014-01-25 Emil MikulicFix type errors in daylog.c format strings, and use...
2014-01-25 Emil MikulicMark _printflike_ things so we get format warnings.
2014-01-25 Emil MikulicRename daylog_fn to opt_daylog_fn when parsing options.
2014-01-25 Emil MikulicUse time_t instead of long.
2014-01-25 Remi LochererAn attempt at trying to fix the time_t related issues...
2014-01-25 Emil MikulicDeveloper helper scripts for compiler warnings and...
2013-08-14 Emil MikulicAdd release checklist.
2013-08-14 Emil MikulicUpdate ChangeLog for 3.0.717. 3.0.717
2013-08-14 Emil MikulicOrder NEWS by version.
2013-08-14 Emil MikulicFix crash due to str_appendf() not understanding %ld
2013-08-14 Emil MikulicFake up clock_gettime() on OS X.
2013-08-08 Emil MikulicUpdate ChangeLog for 3.0.716. 3.0.716
2013-08-08 Emil MikulicWe need at least autoconf 2.64 for PACKAGE_URL.
2013-08-08 Emil MikulicAdd instructions for building darkstat from git.
2013-08-08 Emil MikulicCheck for getifaddrs() in libc before ifaddrs.h
2013-08-08 Emil MikulicMake configure --enable-warnings use {all,extra}-warnin...
2013-08-08 Emil MikulicImprove the configure script's libpcap instructions.
2013-08-06 Emil MikulicUse time_t instead of long in graph_db.c
2013-08-06 Emil MikulicRun pcap_dispatch() even if the pcap fd isn't in the...
2013-08-06 Emil MikulicChange listen() backlog from -1 to 128.
2013-08-06 Emil MikulicSet the listening socket non-blocking before we accept...
2013-08-06 Emil MikulicRemove extraneous include.
2013-08-06 Emil MikulicOnly time the processing part of the event loop.
2012-07-08 Emil Mikuliclocalip: don't complain about unknown sa_family.
2012-07-08 Emil MikulicFreeBSD build warning fixes.
2012-07-08 Emil MikulicImplement support for multiple capture interfaces.
2012-07-08 Emil MikulicWarn if the event loop or pcap_dispatch are too slow.
2012-07-08 Emil MikulicUse a monotonic clock where appropriate.
2012-07-08 Emil MikulicSimplify daylog code.
2012-07-08 Emil Mikulictest_headers: show progress.
2012-07-08 Emil MikulicRetire pktsummary.time - it isn't used.
2012-07-08 Emil MikulicClean up decode module.
2012-07-08 Emil MikulicDon't do accounting if decode_ip[v6] fails.
2012-07-08 Emil MikulicIgnore IPv6 packets with extension headers.
2012-07-07 Emil MikulicSupport multiple local IPs on an interface.
2012-07-01 Emil MikulicDon't inline swap64(), to fix a warning.
2012-06-19 Emil MikulicAdd ifdefs around decode_linux_sll implementation.
2012-06-19 Emil MikulicFix "assuming signed overflow does not occur" warning.
2012-06-19 Emil MikulicDefine ETHERTYPE_IPV6 ourselves.
2012-06-11 Emil MikulicCompatibility fixes for NetBSD 5.1.2
2012-06-11 Emil MikulicFix format warning.
2012-06-11 Emil MikulicDon't err() if we can't create one socket for http.
2012-03-01 Emil MikulicCosmetic: capitalize. work 3.0.715
2012-03-01 Emil MikulicImprove error message when binding http port.
2012-03-01 Emil MikulicWe don't use inet_aton anymore, drop the <arpa/inet...
2012-03-01 Emil MikulicLook for hstrerror in -lresolv.
2012-03-01 Emil MikulicDrop -Wlong-long
2012-03-01 Emil MikulicTurn a switch() with no default case into an explicit...
2012-03-01 Emil MikulicInclude bsd/{string,unistd}.h if present.
2012-01-23 Emil MikulicUpdate ChangeLog for darkstat 3.0.715
2012-01-23 Emil MikulicMake decode_null separate from decode_loop.
2012-01-23 Emil MikulicMore diagnostics when socket() fails.
2011-09-12 Emil MikulicDetection of multicast IPv4 addresses was looking at...
2011-09-11 Emil MikulicFall back to gethostbyaddr() If getnameinfo() fails.
2011-09-11 Emil MikulicMake failure to get localip non-fatal.
2011-09-11 Emil MikulicSimplify HAVE_ vs HAVE_REAL_
2011-09-11 Emil MikulicClose unlikely race: don't reset before export.
2011-09-11 Emil Mikulicifa_addr can be NULL.
2011-09-11 Emil MikulicImplement --local-only
2011-09-11 Emil MikulicSplit out newer GCC warning flags into a separate check.
2011-09-11 Malte S. StretzBail out early if the request is too large.
2011-09-11 Malte S. StretzRemove an unnecessary define.
2011-09-11 Malte S. StretzSome small free() fixups.
2011-09-11 Emil MikulicFix up includes.
2011-06-26 Malte S. StretzMove *BSD compatibility layer to extra file.
2011-06-26 Malte S. StretzFix up pretty printing.