2013-03-25 Emil MikulicHandle short writes. master
2013-03-24 Emil MikulicFree memory, check queues are empty on exit.
2013-03-24 Emil MikulicReduce warnings.
2013-03-24 Emil MikulicDrain writers after SIGTERM.
2013-03-24 Emil MikulicInclude line and function name in nblog() output.
2013-03-24 Emil MikulicUse a separate thread for logging to stderr.
2013-03-24 Emil MikulicFirst cut at test.
2013-03-24 Emil MikulicMove shared mutex and cond from global to per-writer.
2013-03-10 Emil MikulicMake STDERR nonblocking again after SIGCONT.
2013-03-10 Emil MikulicHandle write() returning EAGAIN by sleeping and retrying.
2013-03-10 Emil MikulicDead code: remove max().
2013-03-10 Emil MikulicReduce locking in writer_routine().
2013-03-10 Emil MikulicCleanly handle select() returning EINTR.
2013-03-10 Emil MikulicShow TID instead of PID in warn_time().
2013-03-10 Emil MikulicAdd clang sanitized build.
2013-03-10 Emil MikulicInitial revision.