2018-11-28 Helmut GrohneUse the host compiler for build tool c-ify. master
2016-02-01 Emil MikulicFix W-compiler-flags-hidden
2016-01-23 Emil MikulicNo changes needed for policy/standards bump.
2016-01-23 Emil MikulicSet distribution to unstable.
2016-01-23 Emil MikulicSet low urgency. medium/high is used for special cases.
2015-10-15 Emil MikulicUpdate changelog and Standards-Version.
2015-10-15 Emil MikulicUse https URL.
2015-10-15 Emil MikulicRemove HURD patch.
2015-10-15 Emil MikulicStart upgrade to darkstat-3.0.719.
2015-10-10 Emil MikulicPull in darkstat-3.0.718
2013-08-18 Emil MikulicRelease 3.0.717
2013-08-18 Emil MikulicAdd myself as a co-maintainer.
2013-08-18 Emil MikulicMerge tag 'upstream/3.0.717'
2013-08-18 Emil MikulicImported Upstream version 3.0.717 upstream
2013-08-18 Rene MayorgaImported Debian patch 3.0.715-1
2013-08-18 Emil MikulicImported Upstream version 3.0.715