(Incomplete) MPEG1 System Stream Format

As far as I can tell, and I am not the only person under this impression, the only way to see the MPEG1 specification is to pay ISO a sizable sum of money in exchange for copies of the official standards documents. (ISO 11172 and friends)

This is not how standards should be published.
This is not cool.

What follows is an unofficial and incomplete description of the MPEG1 "System Stream" - mostly for my own notes. The wording is my own, and my reference is an MPEG-mangling program I wrote.

A "System Stream" is a stream that contains both MPEG audio and MPEG video, multiplexed together.
It consists of:

A pack consists of:

A system header consists of:

A packet consists of:

Yes, this is incomplete.

However, it's enough information to make an effort at joining, splitting, and reindexing MPEG1 streams.

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