Mark cppcheck executable.
[darkhttpd] / devel / cover
2014-03-14 Emil MikulicRun test_make_safe_uri. Retire broken
2014-03-14 Emil MikulicImplement --forward-all to forward all requests to...
2013-06-10 Emil MikulicAdd test for --mimetypes
2013-06-10 Emil MikulicTests: add pointer to cover script which runs them.
2013-04-28 Emil MikulicImplement --no-server-id
2013-04-28 Emil MikulicAdd test for --forward
2013-04-28 Emil MikulicMake devel/cover clean up after itself.
2013-04-28 Emil MikulicRun usage, not really a test.
2013-04-28 Emil MikulicCheck dependencies in devel/cover
2013-04-28 Emil MikulicDon't log to stdout when testing.
2013-04-28 Emil MikulicAdd coverage driver.